WR6000 Winch
  • WR6000 Winch
  • WR6000 Winch
  • WR6000 Winch

WR6000 Winch


Complete pack including : universal mounting plate, hawsehole, synthetic rope, wired and wireless  remote control !

Hauling capacity : 6000 lbs (2,7t).

Can be mounted in 2 different ways on the vehicle (control box on the winch or separate).

Delivered with its instructions and electrical connection wire harness.

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The WR6000 Winch combines power and lightness. It is the ideal tool for small and middle sized off-road vehicles such as buggies, SxS, Suzuki 4WD…

Maximum hauling capacity : 2722kg

Motor : 12V

Reduction : 198:1, with 3 steel planetary gears

Brakes: Automatic in the drum

Synthetic rope: 6.5mm x 15m

Drum dimensions: 15mm x 122mm

Overall dimensions: (length x width x height): 381mm x 114mm x 115,5mm

Mounting plate dimensions: 190mm x 145mm

Winch weight: 10kg

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