Treatments, additives

Treatments, additives

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  • Fuel Guard 2 250 ml
    Fuel cleaner, 250ml, KENT

    Fuel Guard 2 is a unique, powerful and efficient cleaner for the upkeep and maintenance of the fuel system and other engine components. It can be used on both petrol and diesel motors, providing them with lubrication and corrosion protection.Fuel Guard 2 can be used as a preventive treatment and / or a curative cleaner for the fuel injection system.

    16,58 €
  • One Shot 2 KENT 500ml
    Injector carburettor cleaner, 500ml, KENT

    One Shot 2 is a very powerful and fast-acting cleaner for carburettor and injectors without toluene.

    20,75 €

Treatments, additives


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