Camshaft, Samurai 410
  • Camshaft, Samurai 410

Camshaft, Suzuki Santana Vitara (8 valves)


Camshaft for petrol Suzuki and Santana Vitara 4WD (1.6L, 8 valves) with a G16A engine.

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The camshaft is a mechanical part which is important for the proper functioning of the engine. It regulates the opening/closing of the different intake and exhaust valves. Thanks to the cams and the shaft’s rotation (driven by the cam belt), there’s an alternation in the valves’ opening and closing.

Wear, a wrong lubrification or a malfunction of the camshaft can cause serious consequences on the functioning of a Suzuki or Santana Vitara 4WD’s engine. Engine power loss and a metallic click sound can be symptoms of a camshaft that needs replacement

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