Air filter, 1.6L, 16 valves Suzuki Santana Vitara Expand

Air filter, 1.6L, 16 valves Suzuki Santana Vitara



To be assembled on petrol (1.6L, 16 valves, injection) Suzuki or Santana Vitara 4WD.

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16,58 €

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The air filter is essential to the proper functioning of the vehicle. It guarantees the good quality of the air used for fuel combustion by preventing any dust or impurity from infiltrating the circuit. Placed at the entrance of the intake system of the Vitara engine, it ensures its proper functioning.

A dirty or damaged air filter will have an influence on the performances of your Suzuki or Santana 4WD’s engine, such as weakened acceleration or fuel overconsumption.

If the filter is too damaged, it will let through dust particules that are big enough to be abrasive for the cylinders and the valves.



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