WR6000 winch + MF off-road front bumper pack, Suzuki Jimny, from 2018 onward Expand

WR6000 winch + MF off-road front bumper pack 1, Suzuki Jimny, from 2018 onward



Off-road front bumper + WR6000 winch pack.

To be assembled on all Suzuki Jimny, from 2018 onward.

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1 241,67 €

tax incl.

The MF bumpers is optimized for an off-road use.

With a robust, steel, build, it is equipped with an aluminium shield to protect the front crossmember.

Black finish (high quality, oven painted).

Conceived to receive the WR6000 and WR9500 MF winch.

Equipped with 2 shackle supports (intended for ref number : EQU23 shackles).

Compatible with body lifts, up to 40mm.

Complete winch with universal plate, hawsehole, synthetic rope, wired remote and not wired remote.

Traction capacity : 6000 lb (2,7 tons)

Can be assembled in two different ways on the vehicle (control box on the winch or separated).

Delivered with instructions and wiring harness.

The WR6000 Winch combines power and lightness. It is the ideal tool for small and medium sized off-road vehicles like buggies, SSV, Suzuki 4WD…

The relay/control box can be assembled on the winch or on the vehicle by means of the electric cables and mounting plates.

Maximum traction force : 2722kg

Engine : 12V

Reduction : 198:1, 3 steel planetary stages

Braking : automatic in the drum

Synthetic rope : 6.5mm x 15m

Drum dimensions : 51mm x 122mm

Global dimensions (length x width x height) : 381mm x 114mm x 115,5mm

Mounting plate dimensions : 190mm x 145mm

Winch weight : 10 kg

Bumpers and Armor Rockers


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