Beadlock wheels

Beadlock wheels

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  • Classic beadlock, MF, 15’’ Classic beadlock, MF, 15’’
    Classic beadlock, MF, 15’’

    Beadlocks kit to be welded for 1 wheel rim (15’’). Made up of 3 steel rings. Prevents the wheel from coming off its rim at a very low pressure. Bolts and wheel rim not included. Raw product to paint.

    82,42 €
  • Classic beadlock MF, 16’’ Classic beadlock MF, 16’’
    Classic beadlock MF, 16’’

    Beadlocks kit to be welded, for 1 wheel rim.Composed of 3 steel rings.Does not come off its rim at a very low pressure.Bolts and wheel rim not included.Raw product to paint.

    91,58 €
  • Beadlock bolts
    Beadlock bolts

    Bolts ( screw + washer + brake nuts) for MF beadlock wheel rim.Sold individually. 20 pieces necessary per wheel rim.

    0,75 €

Beadlock wheels


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