New 1200 Ceramic high temperature grease Kent. Expand

1200 Ceramic high temperature grease Kent.



1200 Ceramic high temperature grease with a 200ml brush applicator.

Water and acids resistant.

Protects from rust and corrosion.

It is ideal for the lubrication of nuts and bolts during disassembly.

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45,75 €

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C 1200 can be used instead of a usual copper grease when a high heat is generated and/or in the presence of water.

C 1200 is ideal to avoid rust and binding of assembly parts, especially when they are frequently disassembled for maintenant purposes.

C1200 is also used to release or assemble dowels/nuts in high temperature areas. It can also be used as a disassembly grease when the threads are damaged.

C1200 reduces the effects of caustic acids and chemical substances and resists to cold, salt water.

Its applications apply to :
bearings, electronical systems and high temperature steering systems, disassembly of bolts/nuts in areas where very high temperatures are reached…

Features & advantages :
Without any heavy metal : nonconducting, safe to use.
Does not contain any acid : no danger for plastic, nylon and teflon rings.
Wide functional temperature range : -40° C to +1200°C
Assembly and disassembly grease.
Grey coloured, it is less visible on the exposed areas.
Prevents oxidisation – Easy to disassemble, time gain.

Greases, lubricants, penetrating oils


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