Concerning its commercial activities and in accordance with the current legislation in France and in Europe, MASTERFOREST commits to ensure the protection, confidentiality and security of the personal data of the Users of its services. MASTERFOREST also commits to respect their Users’s private lives.

The word « User » refers to anyone browsing the website and using the services available on it.

The term « Personal Data » refers to any information about a user of the website making him directly or indirectly personally-identifiable. Among these registered information are the first name, last name, address, phone number, email address, bank information, user name, password, and other information enabling User identification.

Identity of the personal data treatment manager

The personal data collected within the framework of our activities on the website are processed by:

SARL IDPROD – 2, rue de l’Olive – 37500 Chinon

Called here after « MASTERFOREST ».

Collected personal data

According to circumstance, MASTERFOREST processes the personal data directly collected from the User, or resulting from the use of MASTERFOREST products or services. MASTERFOREST only processes a particular data or category of data if it is strictly necessary to the intended purpose.

MASTERFOREST processes the following data categories:

  • Identification data: Last name, first name, user name, SIREN…
  • Personal characteristics: date of birth, nationality…
  • Contact data: postal address, email, phone number…
  • Economic and bank data: method of payment, payment history…
  • Connection, use of services and interaction data: connection and use logs, number of visits on the website…

Purpose of personal data exploitation

MASTERFOREST commits to collect its Users’ personal data for the following actions:

  • Customer account, shopping cart and orders management
  • Delivery, order follow-up, after-sales service management
  • Availability of social networks sharing tools
  • Sending of commercial offers via email
  • Registering customer reviews about the website and the sold products
  • Fight against fraud at the moment of payment
  • Website traffic monitoring

MASTERFOREST informations and newsletters

In order to keep our Users informed of our current events and commercial offers, they may receive emails from our company. We monitor the opening rate of these emails in order to adapt their contents to our users.

MASTERFOREST respects the mandatory measures provided Article L34-5 of the postal and electronic communications legislation which requires to previously obtaining the express consent of the User before sending commercial market research emails.

When a User creates a customer account on our website, the user’s consent about receiving such offers from MASTERFOREST is explicitly requested.

The User may refuse commercial email reception by clicking on the unsubscribe link present in every email or by going on its MASTERFOREST customer account, in the “my personal information” section.


MASTERFOREST propose des alertes afin que l’Utilisateur soit tenu informé par e-mail de la disponibilité d’un produit qui l’intéresse. L’inscription à l’alerte se fait en cliquant sur le bouton « Prévenez-moi lorsque le produit est disponible » sur la page d’un produit indisponible.

personal data transfer

The data collected on the website are solely intended for MASTERFOREST and its service providers.
We call upon service providers for:

  • Secure payment on the website
  • Order shipment
  • The running of maintenance operations and technical development of the website
  • Registering customer reviews

The processed data may also be relayed to the competent authorities, should they ask, in connection with legal proceedings.

Usef rights concerning theirs personal data

Users have the right to access, correct and delete their personal data collected by MASTERFOREST.

Users may also give us advance directives concerning the use of their personal data after their death.

Contact for the exercise of your rights

If you have any question about this Charter or the exercise of your rights, you can send us a request (with a valid credential).

Either via mail at the following address:

2, rue de l'Olive
37500 CHINON

Or via email at: [email protected]

DAta treatment outside the eu

The collected data may be processed outside of the European Union. During transfers outside of the European Union, MASTERFOREST will do any required procedure in order to get the necessary guarantees that such transfers will be secured. Transfers outside the European Union may happen when exploiting data in relation to social networks or traffic on the website.

Use of data in relation to social networks

MASTERFOREST offers to use social networks in order to improve the commercial relationship by sharing the products we have on the website. The sharing buttons of Facebook, Google + or twitter may lead to data transfers between MASTERFOREST and said social network.

For example, if a User is connected to the social network Facebook and that he goes on a MASTERFOREST web page, Facebook might collect this information.

We invite you to consult your social networks’ protection policies on personal data in order to take note of exactly which personal data are collected by them.
If the User doesn’t want social networks to collect his data while browsing our website, we advise you to disconnect from said social networks before visiting the MASTERFOREST website.

That being said, MASTERFOREST is not responsible for the way social networks use personal data for their own account.

personal data retention

Most of the account data are retained in the data base and are operational during the time the commercial relationship with MASTERFOREST lasts. The data are then archived and then deleted at the end of the legal prescription and retention time limit (payment, guarantee, litigation, etc.)

The data are processed securely and in confidentiality. Technical and organisational measures are taken to avoid loss, wrong use, modification and deletion of data.

We limit the access of personal data to some employees who are bound by appropriate security obligations. Their accesses are justified depending on their affectations and/or requests for products and services from Users.

Les cookies

When you browse the MASTERFOREST online shop, cookies are stored on the User’s terminal equipment (computer, mobile phone and tablet). Cookies are small information stored by your browser to improve their services.

Some are necessary to the functioning of the website (to save the items in your shopping cart, your order’s progress, your connection data, etc.) and others are used to improve the website’s performances. When browsing, cookies are stored on your terminal equipment exclusively by MASTERFOREST.

Accept or refuse cookies

A User has different ways to manage cookies.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies but it’s not an obligation.
By browsing the website, Users accept cookies.

Users can disable cookies at any time by changing their browser’s parameters. However, by disabling cookies, Users may no longer be able to use all of the website’s features, like buying products or logging in.

To configure cookies, all that needs to be done is accessing your browser’s help section in order to decide exactly how you want to manage them.

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