Terms and conditions

The present Terms and Conditions exclusively govern the relations between IDPROD Company and the Customer who wants to order on www.masterforest-boutique.com Website.

The present conditions are modifiable at any time without notice.

1. Company


SIRET : 819 250 259 00028 | RCS Tours 819 250 259

SARL IDPROD, 2 rue de l'Olive, 37500 CHINON - France

Phone number: +33 2 47 93 48 83

2. Order

2.1 Type of orders

The order can be done:

  • online, on www.masterforest-boutique.com
  • by phone, from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12am from 2pm to 6pm (to 5pm Fridays)
  • at our store, located in Chinon, in France
  • by mail, sending us a purchase order and its payment at : MASTERFOREST, 2 rue de l'Olive, 37500 CHINON - France

2.2 The online order

Throughout his visit on www.masterforest-boutique.com Websit, the Customer choses the articles wanted (each product page has a detailed description including the price and the availability) and add them to his basket after indicating the quantity required. Photos appearing on the Website are not contractual. The possible indications about the color of a product are given informatively and indicatively and may not reflect completely the real color of the product.
After having selected all the articles needed, the Customer goes into his basket where he is invited to choose his delivery location and mode and to indicate his form of payment.
The Customer logs in or creates his Customer Account.
After this step, the Customer is invited to validate his order.
The modification or the cancellation of the basket are not possible after this step, due to the complete acceptation of the present Terms and Conditions.
After having confirmed the content of his order, the Customer will validate it definitively by the payment.
The Customer is committed to pay the validated order.

2.3 order confirmation

The Customer will receive a confirmation e-mail summing the ordered articles, their prices, the shipping costs and the packaging, and the total amount of the order.

3. Payment

3.1 means of payment

The total payment is done at the moment of the purchase, without discount, including the articles which are not in stock and which need a supply delay.Depending on the place of destination, the Customer can do his payment:

  • by credit card
  • by Paypal account
  • par bankwire transfer (the order is then validated at the reception of the amount of the order on our bank account). The informations to do the bankwire transfer are available in the confirmation e-mail of your order.
  • By Cheque written to SARL IDPROD, mentioning the order number (the order is then validated after the control and reception of the payment from a Post office) addressed to: MASTERFOREST, 2 rue de l'Olive, 37500 CHINON - France

Every payment incident will cause the cancellation of the order, and the possibility for IDPROD Company to refuse later orders if a dispute subsists with the Customer.

Also, every fraud payment suspicion will cause the order's block and possibly the order's cancellation if the fraud is confirmed.

3.2 Payments securing

Some orders can be subjected to additional verifications. Thus, several proofs can be requested to the Customer (Identity Document, Proof of address, etc.)

The order's treatment will begin at the reception of the document requested. The non-reception of these documents will cause the cancellation of the order. www.masterforest-boutique.com Website also uses the 3DSecure securing protocol which consists in checking, for each online payment, that the card is used by its real owner.

4. Availability

If an article turns out to be unavailable after the order confirmation, the Customer will be notified by mail and keeps the possibility to cancel his order.

5. Price

The prices are, by default, in euros VAT included and except the shipping fees.
For the Professional Customer, registered and validated by our services and who benefits of the VAT exoneration, the prices are in euros without VAT and except the shipping fees.
IDPROD Company reserves the right to modify its prices at every moment.

6. delivery

6.1 delivery places

The Customer has the choice between a delivery to an address indicated during the order (the Customer has to check the accuracy of the address indicated) or a delivery in Relay Point.

6.2 Transport means

Masterforest has different transport means to carry your package. Transport delay are variable according to to destination and the package type. The transport delays are indicated in hours (h) or working days (d), to which you can add one day delay for the order preparation after the payment validation by the customer.

Masterforest offers different carriers to deliver your parcels. Depending on the geographical area, the delivery time can range from 24-48 hours (Metropolitan France) to 6-7 days (International and DOM-TOM).

The delivery time mentioned above does not take into account possible delays related to the carrier, customs or weather (prohibition of driving, bad weather, etc.). To these is added the delay of one day of order preparation after validation of the Customer's payment for any order placed after noon.

6.3 Package control

In case of delivery incident (damaged package, missing products, retaped packages, ...), the Customer has to note his reserves on the delivery note and make the driver sign it (keep a copy of the document), and/or, if required, refuse the package.

If the package is given without signature, the Customer has to indicate the deterioration to the transport company by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt in a delay of 3 working days.

At the same time, the Customer has to contact our Company as soon as possible to indicate the delivery incident.

7. withdrawal right

There is no right of withdrawal for a Professional Customer for the contracts concluded online, as contracts concluded without the physical simultaneous presence of both parties. The following paragraphs which theme is the right to withdraw, only concern the retail Customer.

The retail Customer has the right to withdraw the present contract without giving a reason in a 14 days delay. The withdrawal delay expires 14 days after the day the Customer, or a third party other than the transport company and designated by the Customer, takes physical possession of the last goods.

7.1 Exercicing thr right of withdrawal

To apply his right of withdrawal, the Customer has to notify IDPROD Company of his withdrawal decision of the present contract by an unambiguous declaration (for example, letter sent by Post, fax or mail)

  • by postal service, to the adress: MASTERFOREST, 2 rue de l'Olive, 37500 CHINON
  • by phone
  • by email
  • by following this link

In order to respect the withdrawal delay, it is sufficient that the Customer transmits his decision concerning the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the delay's expiration. He has to take over the direct fees of good return.

7.2 Consequences of the right of withdrawal

The Customer will have to send or give back the good to SARL IDPROD, 2 rue de l’Olive, 37500 CHINON, France, without excessive delay and, at all events, no later than 14 days after he communicated his withdrawal decision of the present contract.

This delay is deemed to be respected if he sends back the good before the expiration of the 14 days delay. Hereafter the legal delay, restocking fees will be charged. In case of withdrawal by the Customer on the present contract, IDPROD Company will refund all payments received by the Customer, including the shipping fees (except the additional fees concerning a transport mode more expensive than the less expensive standard delivery mode proposed by IDPROD Company) without excessive delay, and, at all events, not later than 14 days after the day when IDPROD Company has been notified of its decision of withdrawal of the present contract. IDPROD Company will proceed to the refund by using the same payment mode that the Customer chose during the first transaction, except if he asks for a different refund mode ; at all events, this refund will not cause any additional fees for the Customer. IDPROD Company can differ the refund until it has received the good or until the Customer has given an expedition proof of the good.
The return fees are the responsibility of the Customer.

8. Returns & guarantee

For all the parts with a default, an exchange will be made in the shortest time possible or a credit note will be made corresponding to its value, without the shipping and packaging costs, after a valuation in our workshops.

The faulty items returns must be made within a maximum 14 days delay, starting at the day the Customer expressed his decision to send back the product.
Beyond this period of time, the Customer must not send back the parts, without informing IDPROD Company, in order to have a return authorization. The Customer will be provided with all the useful information to make this return in the best conditions.

In no case, IDPROD Company accepts any packages sent against refunding, sent postage due or badly packed.
The returns are limited to parts in optimum conditions, neat and sent back in their original packaging.

IDPROD Company does not accept returns of parts concerning special order.

None of the products ordered by a Professional Customer, could be returned without the prior agreement of IDPROD Company.

If IDPROD Company accepts the return, the shipment will be paid by the Customer.

No guarantee applies to a product offered or a gift.

9. Guarantee

The Customer benefits from a legal guarantee against hidden defects and a legal conformity guarantee for every product he receives.

Within the framework of the legal guarantee against hidden defects and the legal conformity guarantee, IDPROD Company’s responsibility is limited to the depart value of the parts. IDPROD Company does not ensure any direct responsibility of the damages due to the use of the products. Also, IDPROD Company does not ensure any responsibility on works such as: dismounting and/or installation, diagnoses and expertises, loss of control of the vehicle, waste of time, troubles or any other additional expense. There is no guarantee on the competition special parts.

10. road certification

For some of the spare parts we sell on our online MASTERFOREST shop, their sole purpose is to enhance the vehicle’s performances and they are ONLY for competition use or use on private property. If your vehicle is equipped with these performance enhancing spare parts, you can no longer lawfully drive it on French territory (or your own country’s territory). The seller’s responsibility cannot be engaged in case the client does not respect legal obligations in the matter of 4WD use.

11. Responsibilities

IDPROD Company will not be responsible for any damage made directly or indirectly by a component that it did not facture. Especially when the failure of a part is due to other adjacent components or to a bad manipulation.

The products can be resold depending on their destination. However, IDPROD Company will not be responsible of the failures or the bad functioning of the products if they are resold by the buyer to his own customers.

In the case of homologations : the parts sold in OFF ROAD categories or similar do not have homologation and must NOT be used on public roads.

IDPROD Company is not responsible for any intangible damage like losing customers, losing gains, production's decrease, profit margin's decrease, any action or suit made by a third party against the professional Customer.

12. deposit material

The used parts (alternators, starters, transmissions, etc.) are subject of deposit invoices. If they are not returned in a six months time limit from the delivery, they will be considered as definitely sold.

13. industrial property

The plans, schemes, specifications, recommendation documents, catalogues, pamphlets, photos and notices, patents, products references, packaging, remain IDPROD Company's property.

Therefore, the Customer cannot make any reproduction or diffusion, without the previous acceptation of IDPROD Company.

14. retention of title

IDPROD Company retains the goods propriety until they are fully paid.

15. risk transfer

The risk transfer, deterioration or loss of merchandise, will take place when the Customer takes possession of the delivered products or when they are given to a shipping company chose by him, other than the ones suggested on www.masterforest-boutique.com Website.

16. Litigations

These General Conditions are submitted to French law. In case that one of the present terms is found void and null by a regulation alteration, it would not change the validity and respect of the General Conditions.

17. Data protectiion and freedom of information law

According to the data protection and freedom of information law of January 6th, 1978, the Customer has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete any data that concerns him. All the information that is requested is necessary to treat his order.