WR9500 Winch + MF off-road front bumper pack, Suzuki Jimny, from 2018 onward. Expand

WR9500 Winch + MF off-road front bumper pack 1, Suzuki Jimny, from 2018 onward.



Off-road front bumper + WR 9500 winch pack.

To be assembled on all Suzuki Jimny, from 2018 onward.

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1 408,33 €

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The MF bumpers is optimized for an off-road use.

With a robust, steel, build, it is equipped with an aluminium shield to protect the front crossmember.

Black finish (high quality, oven painted).

Conceived to receive the WR6000 and WR9500 MF winch.

Equipped with 2 shackle supports (intended for ref number : EQU23 shackles).

Compatible with body lifts, up to 40mm.

Complete winch with hawsehole, synthetic rope, wired remote control and not wired remote control !

The WR9500 Winch combines power and sturdiness. It is the ideal tool for medium sized off-road vehicles…

The relay/control box can be assembled on the winch or on the vehicle by means of the electric cables and mounting plates.

Maximum traction force :4310kg

Engine : 12V ; 5.3 hp/3.9kw.

Reduction : 216:1, 3 steel planetary stages

Braking : automatic in the drum

Synthetic rope : 9,5mm x 26m

Drum dimensions : 64mm x 224mm

Global dimensions (length x width x height) : 536,7mm x 155mm x 173mm

Assembly dimensions : 254mm x 114,3mm

Winch weight : 27kg

Bumpers and Armor Rockers


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